Buy a real tree for christmas

Real, freshly cut trees including free delivery

  • Real Trees

    Real Trees

    We sell real Christmas trees that are freshly cut from our farm.

  • Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

    Delivered straight to your door for free within 1 day of being cut at the farm.

  • Locally Grown

    Locally Grown

    Our Christmas tree farm is located 1.5 hours out of Sydney to ensure freshness.

  • Hand Picked

    Hand Picked

    Each tree is hand picked to ensure consistent shape and quality for the perfect looking tree.

  • Shaped and Wrapped

    Shaped and Wrapped

    Once cut your tree is pruned to give it the perfect tree shape and then wrapped to protect it from damage

  • Ready To Decorate

    Ready To Decorate

    Once delivered your tree is ready to decorate.

There is no replacement for a real tree with a fresh scent.

All trees delivered by Christmas Tree Man are 100% Australian and locally grown. They are of the highest quality and are handpicked to ensure the tree meets your needs. Previously buying a tree could be a hassle as you would have to drive to the shop, select the tree you need, check it’s ok and then attach it to the car and drive home. What you would find is that because the trees are delivered and have been sitting there for so long, they start to droop and look sad and this can dampen your Christmas greatly.

Why Choose Us ?

If you are looking for the freshest most vibrant Christmas tree delivered to your door then go no further than the Christmas Tree Man. Look for the following things when buying your Christmas tree:

  • Tree grown locally to prevent them from drooping
  • Delivery within 1 day of being cut
  • Find a company that pioneered the industry
  • Find a company that was the first to sell trees online
  • Find a company that has been in operation for over 25 years

What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

Working with Lou from The Christmas Tree Man was a really lovely experience. I was looking for the perfect living Christmas tree for our Australian Women's Weekly Traditional Christmas shoot and this tree did not disappoint this fussy stylist - it was the star of the day. It was the fullest, freshest, most perfectly shaped tree I've ever seen, we were all so impressed with it. Their service is impeccable, and I'll be ordering one of my own this Christmas.
Australian Women's Weekly
Australian Women's Weekly
Vivien Walsh, Stylist,
I really wanted to say thanks for supplying us with such a beautiful tree this year . Many in house guests and restaurant patrons admired it and asked where I found it so I told them about your website.
The Manager
The Manager
Links House, Bowral
If you love everything about a real Christmas tree – the smell, the impact – but hate sourcing and eventually disposing of it, we think The Christmas Tree Man is the best Sydney-based company that will take all of the hard work out of the process, all you have to do is enjoy the tree!
Lexi Klaebe
Lexi Klaebe

Other Purchase Options

Add this to your delivery

  • Real Trees

    Tree Stand

    Purchase a Christmas tree stand with your tree.
  • Free Delivery


    Let us pickup and recycle your tree after Christmas.
  • Locally Grown


    We will come in and setup your tree for you in your home.

Delivery Dates 2016

28th Nov-4th Dec
5th Dec-11th Dec
12th Dec-18th Dec
19th Dec-23rd Dec

Choose the week you wish your tree, and we will then confirm your delivery day with in that week closer to the time

Note: Delivery to a unit there must be an accessible place for our courier to leave the tree.

Choose what tree size you want

Small, Medium or Large


6ft Tree – (180 cm)


  • -Free delivery included

Install (Additional $25)
Stand (Additional $45)
Pickup (Additional $25)

disclaimer: A Cinco Christmas tree stand is required for us to install your tree.



7ft Tree – (210 cm)


  • -Free delivery included

Install (Additional $25)
Stand (Additional $45)
Pickup (Additional $25)

disclaimer: A Cinco Christmas tree stand is required for us to install your tree.



8ft Tree – (240 cm)


  • -Free delivery included

Install (Additional $25)
Stand (Additional $45)
Pickup (Additional $25)

disclaimer: A Cinco Christmas tree stand is required for us to install your tree.

Questions ? Or Custom Order ?

If you have any questions about our produce or service. Or want a custom order. Call (02) 4884 1209 or (Mobile) 0487462713 or email

Postal Address: Christmas Tree Man ‘Paddy’s River’ Wingello NSW 2579